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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
The original post is over 3 years old so the question of how to, can I, and is it proper to smuggle alcohol aboard a ship still hasn't been resolved and never will be.
Just my personal opinion, which as I always say, is worthless to any one but me, is that If I want to take enough alcohol to stay drunk all the time, I'd rather stay home and stay drunk, that way I don't have to smuggle, hide, worry, fret, etc and can save a ton of money by staying home---have a lot more money with which to buy more alcohol, thereby enabling myself to stay drunk longer !
On the other hand, if all I'm doing, as most smugglers suggest their doing, is smuggling enough onto the ship to have a drink in my cabin before dinner, etc., etc. , then I can surely afford to buy it on the ship, because if I can afford the cruise, I surely must be able to afford to buy a drink if I want it.
Cheers, bottoms up, and all that!!
But the latest comment was on the 13 of June, 2012...and a number of other comments since then.
However I do agree with what you have stated. As long as people who get drunk and dont put anyone in harms way or interfere with anyone then they can do whatever they want to themselfs.
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