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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
Please indulge me re this post . A neighbor of mine told me today that he was the doctor on a cruise ship in the 1980's . One day he and 2 ships officers were walking in Haiti when all of a sudden he felt a gun at his neck. They were arrested for not wearing a necktie as they walked in a park .Amazing .
The video is posted...

The Mexican police were caught barging into a hotel and kidnapping 3 people in their underware, the orders were givin by a dangerous drug Cartel....all caught on video.

In the past as much as entire police forces were seems only 7% of the police have passed backgroud checks...the video and article tell the entire story....not really shocking, I know that not everything is reported so the tourism does'nt all dry up...but one has to figure there is much more crime and random killings of innocent people then what is reported.
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