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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
If RCL, try choiceAir. I just booked a one way from Raleigh to Barcelona for this fall @ $450.50. It leaves RDU in early afternoon on Delta going through Atlanta to Barcelona. I could not have gotten a better time, route or price on my own. Also since booking through RCL, they are more apt to helping me if anything goes wrong.

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On International and open jaw flights for cruises it is always a good idea to check the cruise air price. It can be better than what you can get on your own. I haven't seen less expensive cruise air on domestic flights in a long, long time.

I always, and recommend everyone else does too, check both the cruise air price and the "buy direct" price for airfare. You can add cruise air after you've booked and made your deposit.

You also have to wait around 13 months before your cruise sailing date before any air can be booked. So if you like to book well ahead you just have to wait to find out the air price. Often, the high cost of air travel, will result in a cruise cancellation.

Alas, cruise air for my upcoming trip was not an option since I wasn't coming back for six weeks after the cruise.

One thing to note: "Choice Air" is can be a good thing but it does have a fee. A small one. I believe it's $35. Choice Air is not standard cruise air. With Choice Air you actually get what you think you are getting with cruise air. They will assist you if you have problems and will get you to the next port if you miss the port of embarkation due to airline problems. With regular cruise air they only act as an agent of the airline. While the cruise lines often help out if there are problems they are under absolutely no obligation to do anything.

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