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Default Lesson about costs of offshore treatment.

Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
A word of caution, essential items that you forget may have to be purchased on the ship or on an island. A couple of examples -a tube of toothpaste on the ship cost about $4, a cheap plastic comb on a Carribean island cost a dollar. Not really big expenditures but you might be able to get them a bit cheaper at home and have more fun dollars for cruise activities.

Make sure you read the thread on how much money to take on cruise. Valuable inputs from Cruisemate members are in this thread.
I saw this item in an email that would reinforce the buy-before-you sail strategy. One concern I would have is that I think that peroxide is considered to be dangerous and Homeland Security might give you a hassle. Small bottle probably okay. Also some people try to sneak booze on ship in peroxide bottle
because it is dark colored.

"a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide bought now would have saved me $25 for three ounces on cruise...even in ports! I let my insect bite get infected, no way I was paying that price!"
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