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Default Re: Re: Tipping in Specialty Restaurants??

AR wrote:

> So, the question of additional tipping in the specialties
> becomes tricky. If the entire $25 goes for tips, it would cover
> a $125 meal at a land based restaurant at the going rate of
> 20%. With wine, that's about what a meal for one at the Olympic
> et al is worth compared to fine dining prices in major
> metropolitan areas. In fact, it's probably a little heavy,
> because the wine steward automatically gets his markup on the
> wine and liquor, just as in the regular dining room. So the
> proper comparison would actually be a meal without wine or
> other spirits, which would probably be in the $80-100 range per
> person.
It has always been my understanding that, regardless of the cruise line, that the service charge was for the staff, ie, tips. That's the only thing that made sense to me as they usually wouldn't be part of the tips given to one's regular waiter and asst waiter.
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