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Default Costa Concordia Survivors

I only just noticed all the communication going on, on this thread.
Thanks to all for your concern. Yes, this truly was an unbelievably frightening experience. Thank God, both my husband and I managed to swim across to the Island of Giglio, hours after the accident when we realized that there was no other chance of survival for us.
This has been an extremely difficult and emotional period for us.
As we approach 6 months after this accident, we have recently decided to return to Italy where we will retract our journey of survival and visit briefly with all the amazing people along the way who were influential in helping us to get home and reunite with our dear family and friends.
This is both very exciting and mostly tumultuous.
We will return home via Amsterdam where we will be cruising Paris, Brussels, and the Norwegian Fjords. Along the way, we will be reuniting with a dear friend who we met on the Costa Concordia and were together with at the time of this accident.
Afraid and nervous, we will sail away on Friday July 13th………..
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