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Question Coffee on the balcony?

Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I have to agree, when in Alaska, go for it and get the regular balcony, you certainly won't regret it. Enjoy your first cup of coffee out there enjoying the scenery, same at night before you turn in.
Wow -- that would be a very rare experience on any of our Alaska trips. Even in the Caribbean, when the ship is moving there is quite a breeze and balconies can be chilly at those hours. In Alaska -- I can think of very few times that we would have been able to have morning or evening coffee on the balcony without bundling up heavily due to the cold wind from the ship's motion.

It is true that the balcony usually has full sliding glass doors as opposed to simply a window in many outside cabins. So you can enjoy your coffee in your jammies, sitting in the cabin and watching the scenery outside through the glass.

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