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Default Titanic II Takes the Next Step

Titanic II Takes the Next Step

Australian Clive Palmer plans to recreate the Titanic for New York to U.K. transatlantic crossings.

Australian Clive Plamer is proceeding with plans to recreate the original Titanic

Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer says he has completed the next step in his plan to build a replica of the original Titanic, by enlisting professional ship design company, Deltamarin, to review the proposed ship's plans for compliance with safety and construction regulations.

Palmer hopes to begin construction of the vessel at the end of 2013 and to begin service with regular transatlantic crossings in 2016. Palmer said the ship will be a "regular feature" on the transatlantic route between the U.K. and New York City. The Aussie mining magnate first announced his plans last April. Now he says the response to his announcement has been overwhelming with over 20,000 people showing an interest in being on the first voyage.

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