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Default Who was the most interesting person you have ever cruised with?

The most interesting cruisemate I have ever cruised with.

My candidate for the most interesting person I have ever met to this point in time was a super lawyer who I was priviliged to share a table for dinners on the Celebrity Solstice.

He had been part of the team that had won a court case in a nmajor Canadia tainted blood supply case. As I understand the situation, until September 28, 1998, the Canadian Red Cross was responsible for all blood services in Canada. It was removed from this position because of the nation-wide controversy when it was revealed that between 1986 and 1990 it had supplied tainted blood to patients despite knowing of a test that might have detected the infection in some cases. In 1994, an investigation found that 95 percent of hemophiliacs who used blood products supplied by the Canadian Red Cross before 1990 had contracted Hepatitis C. More than 1100 Canadians were infected with HIV and 20,000 contracted Hepatitis C from blood transfusions given by the Red Cross during that period. He had also won a lawsuit for Canadian Indians against the Canadian government.
And yet with all his track record of professional success, he was a very down-to-earth man. The conversations were interesting and intellectually stimulating. His mother who was traveling with him was a charmer and talked about the farm that she raised her family and Goldie Hahn is a neighbor. In addition to discussions about art, music and movies, one of the subjects discussed was the location of the skulll of Lieutenant General Montcalm. I had mentioned that some years before I had taken my son to Quebec, and we had seen the General's skull in a glass case while touring a convent. They filled in what had happened to the skull and the convent. It seems that General Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm, was mortally wounded during The Battle of the Plains of Abraham, also known as the Battle of Quebec, His skull and a leg bone, were exhumed in the 1800s and put on display at the Ursulines of Quebec convent in a stone crypt. September 2001, Montcalm's remains were re-buried in a stone mausoleum in the cemetery of the Quebec General Hospital (Hôpital général de Québec), where casualties from both sides of the battle had been buried.
It was an interesting story and one among many that occured during the cruise.

The generosity of the super lawyecr was demonstrated when his mother showed up at the dinner table with a diamond necklace and matching earrings that had been purchased on the ship.
His generosity was further demonstrated by his purchase of ice-wine for his tablemates. A treat which I might not have enjoyed. (Ice wine is an ultra-rich, super sweet dessert wine made from the intense liquid of naturally frozen grapes.)

This man was the most interesting cruisemate I have met to date.

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