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My wife and I thought we made a mistake by once getting a table for 4 on a cruise back in 1994....

The first night in the MDR we were seated when it opened(Early dinning). The waiter stated I will wait a few more minutes for the other couple...we both thought that we made a huge mistake....

A few minutes later 2 men walked in and we both stated here they come. They introduced themselfs their names were Gordon and Elliot both from Canada...

My wife and I are big dog lovers (we have 2 mini Snauzers)and it turned out that were both about to enter their dogs into the Westminster dog show which takes place at Madison Square Garden, (NYC).

I want to say they were the greatest two people we ever met on a cruise ship, we so enjoyed their company that we still keep in touch after all these years...

I also met Jackie Mason on a cruise...But Gordon and Elliot are our all time favorites...Boy did we have good times and laughter with them.
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