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Default questions

I've goaded my cousin into thinking about airfare for our November cruise. Well, actually, she's finally given me leave to do it for her. I need help guys. My cousin has never flown before and will be in a total panic. I'm going to tell her to go get herself some valium or something. My job is to get her a flight cross country with as few stops as possible. She is a big girl, probably a 2x or 3x depending on how her congestive heart failure is doing. Hopefully, at the time of the cruise all will be under control. (Yes, I'm buying insurance for her...I've already got mine.) Do you think I'll need to buy her two tickets? (Please tell me no!) Also, would it we all right for her to take a wheelchair with her on the plane? I've flown several times myself and have seen people with wheelchairs. Do the airlines stow them for free or is there a charge? Thanks for the help!
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