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I've been incredibly fortunate to meet many very interesting people during the course of my "cruise career".

I met the Prince and Princess of Thailand, and spent several evenings chatting and enjoying their company while sitting at a blackjack table. I've had the opportunity to dine with several well known successful playrights. I've spent quite a bit of time with a Dr. who was Britain's first successful heart/lung transplant recepient, and who as a result dedicated herself to research, and who invented and developed a number of devices and techniques which make up many of the basics of today's heart surgery procedures. I've chatted with journalist Bob Woodward about the Watergate case, and "Deep Throat". I spent alot of time, and became very friendly with a British fellow, who it turned out, had been knighted by the Queen of England, and was chairman of the British ports.

But perhaps the most interesting was former professional golfer, and long time golf commentator for CBS sports; Ken Venturi.

I likely found him to be the most interesting because our cabins were right next to each other on a 14 day cruise. We spent many hours of each day together talking, dining together, etc.

He's over 80, with an incredible memory still in tact; remembering every stroke he took; every tournament he played in or broadcast, and the hours I spent listening to his stories seemed like minutes.

Over the term of his life and career he overcame all sorts of strange adversities in life and career. And he told the stories about them with humility and class.

I wrote a story about him and our time together... a fascinating guy, who led a fascinating life....

Cruisemates Blog Ken Venturi Speaks on Golf – Kuki
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