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Default I don't want that free cruise after all

Subject: FAO Carol Ann
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 12:16:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: ********

Ref RHH38331FQJ
further to my phonecall to Carol Ann today (19th April 2012)
I have 2 hours ago received the pack from Registry Holidays. After reading the information and speaking to you I am CERTAIN that this package is NOT for me.
As this is within the seven days of receiving the Certificate Terms and Conditions I cancel the purchase of this package and request you to return any money taken from my account and not to take any more money from the account.
I do not wish you to phone me up about this as I would find this an intrusion.

As requested I have put this in an e-mail to you but will also be posting a letter to you

Mrs * ********

I am glad they decided to cancel - I hope they get the letter in time, because they sure didn't get this email!

Because we have done articles about Free cruise scams we often get email from people who think we are the ones who SENT OUT THE FREAKING POST CARDS.

We are not, we are the people who warned you to ignore them.
Still we get these all the time:
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