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Originally Posted by cath View Post
Hello, everyone. I am a chicken. As bad as I am, my husband and kids are worse!! Can we eat and drink at random places in the Bahamas??? Are the various restaurants okay?? I'm guessing that street food is a no-no. What about the delicious beach drinks, cool, refreshing with ICE advice, please???
I've eaten and drank at various places all over the world and have only become sick once, non-cruise, in Mexico. I've had real food poisoning twice. Both times right here in the good old USA.

I love street food, hocker stalls and small out of the way places to eat. Things to look for are: Is the place busy? It's better to wait for a table or stand in a line than go across the street to the place that isn't busy. The busy place is busy for a reason.

If you are really leery use the rule above to pick a restaurant and then only drink something from a bottle or can.

Stay away from fresh salads and thin skinned fruits. Bananas and citrus are a good bet for safety because of their thick skins.

Resorts and larger restaurants will usually use filtered water for making ice so a mixed drink is usually OK.

BTW: Don't look in the ice machine of many US restaurants. You may be appalled at what you find.

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