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Originally Posted by cath View Post
First, thank you all for your great wealth of information and your willingness to share. You guys make a wonderful vacation even better!

I am so excited to be going to half moon cay. I originally thought that it would be an inexpensive "day at the beach" but I see that there are several pricey excursions. If we want to watch pennies there will there be anything to do? Is there a charge for the lunch? any explanations much appreciated
You can go to HMC without spending anything. There is free lemonade, water and, I believe, punch available. The jet skis, parasailing and other things are at an additional charge but if you want a nice beach day then it's perfect. There is no charge for lunch.

We were there in March and many in our group planned to parasail and rent jet skis but they had such fun just swimming and "lounging".

Soda, beer and mixed drinks are the same price as on the ship.

You will enjoy HMC. It is one of the better of the private island IMO.

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