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Question Big tip?

Originally Posted by Mtab View Post
I don't know if it's the maitre'd or head waiter, but often on the FIRST day, my husband will hand them a large tip and for the remainder of the cruise, we basically make our own menu. they are very anxious to please and com around often. they are worth every cent. at the end of the cruise our tablemates are so pleased, they end up tipping as well.
I don't believe in tipping in advance. So you think that you buy good service with a big tip? Compare your report to the one by Queen of Oakville just above it. Have you ever considered that you might get good service because of a good wait staff, and then in turn recognize it by a big tip at the end?

If it is indeed true that a headwaiter gives you special privileges and does things he does not do for other passengers because you bribe him in advance, he deserves to be fired. His job is to supervise all the waiters and see that all the passengers get proper service. Doing his job right entitles him to his share of the tip pool.

If I suspected that a head waiter was being bribed to give extraordinary treatment to certain passengers, I would report him to the Hotel Manager, and I would withhold all my tips for the entire dining room.

Now, my DW has a way of entrancing waiters and head waiters. On one cruise, our headwaiter was Italian and my wife chatted with him quite a bit about her Italian heritage. A.t one point she mentioned her fondness for zabilogne (sp?) and lo and behold the next night our entire table was presented with specially made servings! The headwaiter performed his job of making passengers happy without a bribe in advance. Naturally, on that particular trip I did see that he got a nice tip at the end, which is the proper place to pass out tips IMAO.

The tipping system, as it has evolved over so many years, is an excellent way of ensuring good service. Distorting it by automatic tipping, adding extra to fixed tips, tipping in advance and other misunderstandings of the system will inevitably result in poorer service. Do you really want to encourage a system in which only those who pay for it in advance will get good service?

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