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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
Has anyone been to any of the following and if so would you recommend me going there :

1)Bermuda Maritime Museum

2)Ft. St.Catherine

3)Bermuda Botanical Gardens

4)Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
I have been to 3 out of 4....The Bermuda Botanical Garden is very nice and worth a trip.

Maritime Museum to me was somewhat boring..unless you are a nut about Maritime you can skip this.

I never visited Bermuda Exploration Institute

Ft St Catherine....if you have nothing else to do.

Also their is a unfinished church in St George.....boring....

I loved the visit to the Court to watch part of a trial...the baristers and judge were in full robes and powdered wigs...I loved it...

The light house is nice...beautiful view....

Go to a formal tea in Bermuda...fantastic....

The shops are wonderfull.
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