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Are you asking about carry-on's for HAL's cruise ship or an airline? We haven't run into any luggage limit on board a cruise ship...but remember in your cabin you'll need a place to store luggage, backpacks, etc. And unless you are in a suite there isn't a large amount of closet space or counter space. It's not skimpy...and HAL is one cruise line that has cabin sizes which are on the larger size...but you're still on a ship not in a hotel space is sorta limited.

As for wine...gosh I've never seen anyone bring on board a 'case' or 'cases' of wine...water or soda maybe but never wine. But, we've seen plenty of wine, beer, etc. confiscated as passengers board various cruise ships. If the passengers get the bottles back in their cabins later I don't know...but on our last RCCL cruise passengers were lined up having their 'liquor' taken out from their luggage, tagged and set aside. I'd call HAL to be sure what their policy is so you'll have no surprises at the dock.
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