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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
If you know there is a dress code and you don't want to participate, why did you pick Celebrity? We are in year 2012 and there are other cruise lines that do not have format nights.

As more and more people are allowed to not abide by the dress code, I can envision some day I will feel out of place for wearing a tux on format nights.

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How about we ask them to just pick another dining room for formal night? Not wanting to dress for formal is no reason to pick another cruise line. Sure Celebrity has them, but it's only applicable to the Main Dining Room, not the rest of the ship. Specialty Restaurants, Blu, Theatre, Lounges, Bars, etc. are smart casual every night. Celebrity's definition of smart casual also includes Jeans. So someone that wore jeans on a NON formal night, is just following Celebrity's policy.

I hate the "Find another cruise line" stance, it's silly for a two hour dinner, twice a week. Just eat elsewhere and cruise the line that you like.

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