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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
We sailed two weeks on Carnival Magic and went to the Burger Grill many times. We thought the burger's, fries and "extras" were very good and we didn't really need "Guy's" burgers to enjoy our lunch on our cruise.

Really, a burger is a burger and there aren't a lot of things that change it !

I have to disagree with you on your last statement. The quality of the meat, the variety and freshness of the toppings, the freshness and flavor of the bun, charcoal grilled or fried on a flat top, are all things that can make one burger better than the others.

I've had a number of burgers on ships and many left a lot to be desired. Overcooked meat that was just above room temperature, tasteless buns, lackluster toppings, only one type of cheese and while Guy's are not the greatest burger I've ever had they were better than almost any I can remember on a ship. ooops: I just remembered when NCL set up the Weber Kettles on deck and had their cookouts. Those were the best burgers I've had on a ship. I just wish they had Guy's toppings.

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