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Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
I've sailed the Wonder a couple of times.

My wife stays buisy and I relax.. My daughter is grown and we only see her at Dinner on these cruises.

Although I have seen many seniors on Disney, they were all "into" Disney.

The food was great! I had a chance to ride on Carnival many years ago. The food on the Wonder was FAR better. The wait staff was FANTASTIC>
My last cruise was on Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving Dinner on the ship.
When the waiter gave me the nights menue I was mad... there was no pumpkin pie. Now I have NEVER had a thanksgiving without this pie. The waiter asks me how I'm doing and I told him I was disapointed in the menue.. how could they have turkey and all the trimmings without pumkin pie.
The waiter aplologised and I told him not to because he does not write the menue.
At desert he asked me what I wanted and I said nothing.. normaly they will bring you a plate with Nothing written in chocolate just to be cute and this is what I expected.
Nope, I dont know where he got it because it was not on the menue in any dining room but he appeared with pumpkin pie, just for me..

There will be people who are retired on the ship.. they may have grankids with them and they may be on their own.. but people of all ages really like the disney cruise line for a reason.
If you like the Disney theme .. go for it.
Thank you for input. Wow that was extra service on the pumpkin pie. I'm afraid your the only cruisemate who responded and I am thankful that you did because your experience counters the negative report I had read. Thanks again.
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