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Default Conforming?

Well, of course we all (almost all) dress to conform to the way society wants us to. I think few men on this board would wear a t-shirt and no pants, an off the shoulder ball gown, a lion skin over their shoulder and a red blanket, or a New Guinea penis sheath and feathered headdress, in public at least. And few women -- well, I don't think I will draw a picture ... you get the idea.

Who is non-conforming here?

The question then becomes HOW MUCH do you conform? Are you a real wild guy who wears a gray four-in-hand with your tuxedo instead of a black bow tie? Or do you go even further and wear an open collar shirt to work? Do you actually get so far out as to wear shorts to the grocery store? Your conformity is still great and your non-conformity miniscule!

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