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Default Crystal Discounts for Solo Cruisers

Crystal Discounts for Solo Cruisers

Crystal Cruises as single supplements as low as 10-percent for med cruises this fall.


Crystal is one of the best luxury cruise lines for solo cruisers because of its extensive onboard activities

There are people who love to cruise but unfortunately do not have a steady companion to share the experience. This can be a real problem when nearly all the cruise lines have a general rule that each stateroom has two beds, each of them equals one cruise fare, and all staterooms are sold as "double occupancy" required. If you want to occupy an entire stateroom by yourself, no one says anyone has to sleep in that second bed, but unlike a hotel you still have to pay the full fare for that empty bed as if another person was with you.

We know it hardly seems fair, but the cruise lines are quite intransigent about this "per person, double occupancy" rule. Not only do they make more money when they sell a cabin to two people, but they also made additional revenue from the second occupant buying shore tours, spa treatments and other onboard extras.

This "per person double occupancy" rule is mandatory in 99 point-something-percent of the quotes you see anywhere for cruise prices. Often it is abbreviated as "ppdo." If you want to sail solo and take an entire stateroom for yourself you must pay for the empty bed with what is commonly known as a "singles supplement" fare. Typically that fare is 200-percent of the basic per person cruise fare (not 200% more than the regular cruise fare as the term "supplement" seemingly implies).

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