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thanks for the tips everybody.

However, I'm not interested in sea days and you sure can't stay any extra nights on the islands when you have to sail back to California or Vancouver. I like doing the active stuff on shore like bicycle and hiking trips, water sports without the big adrenaline rush, or even bus tours if there is time to get out and walk around. I can get bored without a good book on a sea day but there are no sea days on POA !

The service on the Pride of America won't bother me a bit. I don't care whether I use the same towel all week and if the shower doesn't work right, I'll go to the gym / spa. Food could disappoint me a bit compared to Carnival or Celebrity, but it's better than I could do myself for sure.

If someone wants to join me on one of the hosted singles cruises, getting to know each other won't be quite so crucial because we will already have other sinlges / solos to be with once we get out of the cabin. But if we want to do a few days on land before or after, we need to agree on what to see , etc. Without going on the group cruise, we'd have to be more sure we got along well, but we could pick most any time of year as the prices don't vary as much as for Caribbean cruises. I just can't go sooner than this Dec.

I'm happy with inside cabins. I discovered on my last cruise that the Carnival 1A cabins actually have MORE room because there is only one bed on the floor, and I don't have a problem climbing to the upper bunk. Don't know if NCL has any cabins like this, but I'm flexable for sure. If you like OV, I'll pay my share, but for Balcony you might offer to pay 2/3 to my 1/3 of the extra cost as I didn't use it much the one trip we had a balcony; Unless for some reason 3 people try to squeeze into a cabin, then a little outside corner might help a bit. If you want to bring your child or teen, that would be fine too as long as we have an understanding of some sort, and then they could climb to the top bunk. I'm a big kid anyway when other kids are around having fun.

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