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Default Top 10 Tips for First-Time Cruisers

Top 10 Tips for First-Time Cruisers
by Paul Motter

How to find the best cruise ship for your personal style and save money.


This is a great time for a first cruise, and if you are like most you will say "if I had only known how great it is, I would have started cruising years ago."

What makes cruises such a great value? The cruise business model depends on filling up ships at almost any price because most people will spend much more money once they get on board. When the economy went bust many people cut back on vacations, but the cruise lines adapted by offering even lower fares, but maintaining the same great quality of food and service.

Once you understand how the cruise lines make money you will understand how to save money on your cruise. Here are our top ten cruise tips and why they work.

Read more: Top 10 Tips for First-Time Cruisers

Are you a first-time cruiser looking to use these tips?
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