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Default Will I meet other teens and girls on my cruise?

Hey Im new to Cruisemates but I've been reading a lot of threads recently on the forums, so I decided to ask my own questions. I'm 15 and Im a sophomore. So on August 3rd, Im going on the Enchantment of the Seas on RCCL on a 6 night trip to Bermuda with my mom and my 12 year old sister. Im not really sure how Id rate myself on looks, but I guess I'm average. I'm not the smoothest guy with the ladies, and I only had two girls say I looked "cute" this year. Other than those two, I never got much female attention. The thing is, Im shy and I have to warm up to new people before I start acting like my fun and spontaneous self. I want to meet a girl on this cruise and hopefully become more outgoing. I want a thrilling experience with new friends and I also would like a romantic experience. I dont know how to act confident, because whenever I try to people say I seem like Im cocky or arrogant which I am definitely not. How can I meet girls on this cruise? Im planning to meet friends at the teen club. But how do I go about meeting girls? I always hear stories about teens meet girls/boys and then end up having a romantic experience on the ship, and then keeping in touch after the cruise. That's the experience I want. I want to have my first kiss hopefully on the cruise ship and stay in contact after. How do I approach girls and mingle without being awkward/pushy/creepy?
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