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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

Hey Kuki... I would really like to get your impressions of all the the new food venues - Guy's burgers, C-side BBQ, The Cantina. I am glad you liked the Burgers - which one did you have and how are the fries?

I also would love some pictures or even better some video of the game shows. I know its hard to upload video from the ship so that can wait until you guys return, but I would like to see it.

Is the C-Side BBQ only open on sea days? the sign said "open C-days" - is that what that means?

I think the ship looks nice. I am guessing it looks better in real life than the pictures. It is definitely not your old Carnival. But I am interested in whether the finishings look really nice or more "faux". I am guessing they look nice (not faux) but I would like a first-hand account.

Thanks for your reporting - keep it up. We are all looking forward to seeing Breeze.
Hi Paul!

What I've reported on so far, was just DAY 1 on the ship. I can't eat everywhere in a day. Plus, after a travel day jet lag doesn't allow one to see all the clearly, and the details get a bit fuzzy, but I do promise lots of detail to come.

Indeed the C-side Bar-b-q is open ONLY sea days. And on this cruise those don't come for a few more days, after Livorno and two days in Rome.

The pictures I posted in the gallery were taken from today, and therefore most people were in port visiting Marseille, France. The reason I wasn't off in port with them is coming up in today's report, coming up momentarily....
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