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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Keep in mind these lists are meant to be reminders for you - not lists of everything you should take.

The idea is to read it and see if you forgot something.

Here is my men's "interactive" packing list...

Cruise Packing List for men

And here is the one for Women...

Printable Interactive Cruise Packing List for Women

Really like your packing list!...most of the things suggested were small and easy to pack...and for my husband and I, would easily fit into a 22" suitcase or handbag carry-on. And like the comment that, 'these are reminders, not a list of everything you should take'...

One other suggestion is the 'quick dry' underwear. We take 3 pair of undies to wear, one to dry, and one extra. They are sooooo easy to wash and they dry even in a humid climate. (worked great in the Philippines) No bulky cotton underwear...and the Philippines are the last place you want to wash and hang dry your undies!!!!
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