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Exclamation Sale

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I am just saying that I have been watching Princess prices - and when they hold a sale you had better take notice, because the discounts they offer over regular prices are significant.

I suggest you watch our "cruise deals" forums for posts about these sales when they come up - I just posted a new one good through July 9th.

But I feel like I am giving away a real secret here when I tell you...

"Don't book a Princess Cruise unless you do it during a sale" - You will pay significantly more for the same cruise.
Well, yes and no. If you are flexible, both for timing and itinerary, as well for cabin location and so on, then I have seen some real bargains out there.

However, if you have to plan ahead for vacation time, if you want a particular itinerary on a particular ship, if you are particular about cabin type and location -- waiting for a sale may not be for you.

The "sale" prices, at least the advertising teasers, are almost always for a lowest category guarantee, which might or might not suit you. Sometimes you can pick your category.

But the biggest problem with the sales is that are almost always on a short lead time, and it may be very difficult to get air fares. A great cruise price and a high air fare is no better than a normal cruise price and a good air fare.

So -- waiting for the sale might be right for some people. It is not for everybody. It seldom works for us.

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