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Originally Posted by Luv2Cruise25 View Post
Thanks, Bruce. I ran across that $92K exemption. I guess that wouldn't work if you spend your 7-8 week break at home in the States.

I'm actually asking these questions on behalf of my daughter who will be doing Shipboard Accounting on Carnival.
Surprisingly, it does work.

If her Primary residence is outside the USA, she can spend as much time as she likes VISITING the USA. Please check out the IRS definition of a primary residence. So long as she is not living or working in the USA, she is still tax exempt if she lives in another country.

I carry a US Passport. My primary residernce is in China, and I have a second home in Europe. My ship is frequently sailing itineraries that start in the USA. But that does not qualify as working in the USA. My ship has a non-US flag and I am paid in cash by an international company. I rarely visit the USA, but I can - and still retain my tax exemption.
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