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Day 3 - Breeze - This Ship Has More Energy Than Me

For our port of call today in Livorno, Italy, I and 2 friends had booked the Carnival shore excursion called “Florence On Your Own”, which transports you by bus to the center of Florence, but then all your designated time there is yours do with as you please. You then meet the bus to be transported back to the ship.

We had to meet at 7:30 A.M. in the Ovation Theater, for an 8 A.M. departure.

With an early morning tour facing most of the passengers I was shocked how “hopping” the ship was at night. Every bar seemed to have “action” when I made my way to try and get to sleep early.

I did rise early to try and go to the Lido Deck MarketPlace for some breakfast before the tour. The entire ship must have had the same idea at the same time. Lines were long at every station.

On port days I normally set out the room service delivery card for the next morning, but I had forgotten. The next day I’m getting off early in a port of call, I’ll definitely remember to pre-order room service.

Florence is a wonderful city, which I’ve been lucky to visit quite a number of times. For first timers I highly recommend pre-booking a visit to the Academia Gallery online, to see the real statue of David, by Michelangelo, as well as the Uffizi Gallery; room after room of incredible art collections.
Today was just a wandering today for us. We walked many miles. They temperatures went into the 90s Fahrenheit; HOT!


About a 25 -30 minute walk from the central area of Florence, where we were dropped is a huge outdoor market, featuring all variety of leather goods one can think of, as well as souvenir items, going on for blocks.

We had lunch at a little hole in the wall spot, near the market, that my friends had been told about on a previous trip, and it was a delight to get a local feel with lunch. Here’s the name, and the address (sort of) in pictures.

At the intersection of...

Our bus was the last tour to return to the ship. It had to alter its planned route back because of an accident on the highway.

I thought the same accident may have delayed some people with private tours as well, but they al made it back in time, and they pulled up the gangway once our group was back onboard.

After a long day of touring in extreme heat, I thought the ship would surely be quiet tonight, particularly with another long port of call day (Rome) coming up tomorrow. And extreme heat is forecast for tomorrow as well.

Once again, I was proven wrong.
Simply from watching the way the ship “lives” with passengers onboard - even for only three days - I feel I can safely predict that once this ship reaches Florida, and starts sailing her regular Caribbean itineraries, she is going to an incredibly alive ship with a very active nightlife. The designed changes that Carnival has made appear as though they are going to almost “demand” it from her passengers.

If it’s doing so on a busy port intensive itinerary in Europe, I don’t think it can help do the same in the Caribbean.

I’ve made the decision to pass on going to Rome tomorrow. As we are overnight, I will stay on board tomorrow, and visit Rome on our second day; Sunday.

One reason; I’m old. Another reason; it will give me a chance to post an extra mid-day entry, providing more info on the ship.

I’ll talk more about the set up of entertainment on board, and the changes they’ve made to their showroom entertainment. I did get to see the show “The Brits” tonight in the Ovation Theater. That is one of the changes, having shows repeat on different days, at different times.
So watch for more on that stuff tomorrow.

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