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Originally Posted by AR View Post
Before this morning I would have said sure, be glad to share. But now that I've been informed that I know nothing I'm a little hesitant. Still, if you're willing to roll those dice, I'd be glad to chat about it. Send me a PM with your e-mail, because I think it'd be better to take it offline, away from this stuff.

On our last crossing a couple months ago I suggested at the CC party that I'd be happy to arrange an informal get-together for anyone interested in family history research, since I was on my way to Guernsey to continue with mine. I included the caveat that I'm a relative rookie at this, but that I'd be glad to be a convener. To my surprise, eight or nine people from the group showed up, including a true black belt researcher, and we had a terrific session that lasted about an hour and a half.

I did a similar group for Sherlock Holmes fans with about the same results. Really fun.
That would be a blast I love research and skip tracing. I like to find what other people don't think can be found. Important aspect of my job. I sent you a PM with my e-mail. They gave DNA databases now. You can submit your data and it someone in the database matches it will link you. There is a Portuguese (Madeira Island) website for DNA matches. It's interesting because they list the surnames they are interesting i finding. I have three of the surnames in my family tree on both sides. I got a lot of ties to that little island.
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