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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
Mike, sorry if you are offended, but thats how I feel.

posted earlier: "Online, there are a limited number of indicators that let us size up those who post."

Some people cannot accept others just as they are. They have an overwhelming, consuming need to "size them up" and categorize them. Every board has an Alex Trebek, and the rest are all losers on Jeopardy.
Everyone sizes everyone else up. Whether you think you do or not. Take my signature line it helps you determine my approach to this board and life in general. I'm here to be entertained I take very little serious. I have no problem with fart humor. Even if you don't mean to it's hard to not judge who I'm by my unicorn farting rainbows. Guess what I'm fine with that. I always say 80% of what I write is a joke and 20% is a lie that fun part for you, the reader is to determining if I'm joking or lying.

Some people are different on the boards then they are in person. More shy in person and more out going on the boards. In person I'm the same. A co worker told me "you write the same way you talk." I'm Portuguese both sides and I have the family tree to prove it. I don't think we allow shy people in Portugal we send them all to Spain. By the way compared to crazy sister (C-sis) I'm the quiet, shy and innocent one. For the people that have cruised with her out of New Orleans they know she is loud.
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