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Have you ever seen a beautiful city and baked at the same time? That is what it was like yesterday in Florence. Our guide said the temp hit 106F and I don't doubt her. It was REALLY hot. So hot that Betty was even affected by it.

We did have a good Carnival tour but it was a definite "mover" and we were moved from one location to another quite quickly.

Last night we ate and then prepared for today and then to bed for an early morning wake up.

We need to be off the ship ASAP for our first day of Rome tours. We have a private tour and early Vatican tickets so it's going to be another hectic day. It is over an hour from Civitevechia to Rome. It is 7:15 a.m. and we are just starting to get into port.

I thought I would never say this but: I need a sea day.

I'll try posting pictures tonight.

This is a very enjoyable but very hectic schedule.

I have to say: "The ship is a winner!!!"

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