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Sounds like you are having a great cruise - and that the ship is a happy place. Glad to hear it. These are the cruise ships of the future - highly active and entertaining (and crowded).

Remember when a Caribbean cruise meant finding a good book - going to the same table and waiters every night for dinner, getting to a port of call and doing the same walk-about as you did last visit.

Then going back to the ship, eating in the same dining room, seeing a "musical production show" with eight singers and dancers, and then going to bed?

NOt any more. The next generation of ships are all about the ship experience, and for what you pay it is a lot of fun. Honestly, it make me wonder how the more boring lines (like uber-luxury lines) are going to compete when the difference in onboard fun and diversion has become so obvious.

It makes being on a quiet ship with nothing to do but read seem very boring by comparison.
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