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Day 4 - Carnival Breeze - Civitavecchia

When I made the decision to stay on board today, I assumed I would pretty much have the ship myself. It was surprising how wrong I was. Whether there were folks who got too warn out from the hot day in Florence, or all the Europeans who’ve been to Rome often, were the one who stayed onboard with me, I don’t know. But there were quite a few who did.

This was my first night back in the dining room for dinner, since the 1st night, and there was a marked improvement in the rhythm of the service. Hopefully that pattern continues, because the company has been excellent, and the food quite good.

With the ship in port overnight there wasn’t all that much going on, on the ship tonight; a duo playing for the Atrium bar area, and a guitarist in Red Frog Pub, and karaoke in the aft Limelight Lounge. The “feature” was Butch hosting a Hasboro Game in the Ovation Theater.

I wanted to attend the latter, but it was too late before I realized we’d missed the timing of it by chatting too long over our coffee and desert.

One of the member’s of the CruiseMates group on the ship is Ray Boudreaux, who we all envy as the grandfather of CruiseMates, and the cruise king.

At 92 Ray is a marvel, who’s cruised all over the world, and often. Ray is at repeater levels in some cruise lines repeat guest program that they don’t even know about. He is the envy of all us, and justifiably so.

For this trip he’s being accompanied by his grandson Robert. Robert is one of the nicest guys you’d want to meet. One of those “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree situations. And he’s taking great care of Ray, and has Ray’s wonderful attitude.

He gave me a great tip about the Breeze today. It’s better than knowing a secret handshake. J

When entering the guest cabins one is required to put their “sail and spend card” in a slot, which then powers up the lights in the cabin.

Shhhhhh! Told tell ANYONE!!!!…. But Robert discovered placing even a business card in the slot works to turn the lighting on.

Better that, then walking out, leaving my cabin key in the slot as I hear the door click behind me.

Have to hit the sack early tonight, as I’m going along on the private Rome tour that Mike had arranged for the CruiseMates group.
You’ll hear more from me again tomorrow night.
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