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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Rather than spending extra effort, time and money for food carts...I'd rather see improvements in the on board entertainment...OR better amenities in the balcony cabins..or fluffy towels & pillows.

If you look at the size of some of us...we're getting more than enough food! We've got to lighten up...three meals + snacks is plenty....and as for choices, there's enough. If you get can try something different on a 'shore' excursion.

Instead of thinking of a cruise as an opportunity to eat ourselves to 'bout thinking this is a great chance to speed up our metabolism with more activity and a lighter diet. O.K...I admit that may be a little 'Alice in Wonderland'...but still, honestly, we don't need MORE available food in carts or kiosks!
100% agreement...The food they do serve should be top of the line..High quality.

I would, like you said see better shows after dinner...
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