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Day 5 - The Breeze for Rome

The ship overnighter in Civitavecchia last night, and a result guests of the Carnival Breeze had the option of spending two full days in Rome.

Quite a number opted to go to Rome yesterday, spend the night in the city, or nearby, and return to the ship this afternoon.

Others took the time to go back and forth each day. That’s what Mike and some of his CruiseMates group decided to do, as he’d organized an optional two day tour for them. I didn’t go with them yesterday, but join them for today’s tour.

The nicest thing about sailing away this afternoon is I don’t have to try and say Civitavecchia again for a long time!

Arriving back on board in the late afternoon, it seemed for the first time I was seeing all of the passengers. No doubt, some very tired passengers due to the past few very intensive days in ports of call. Yet, the Lido Deck was jumping, with everyone looking for a bite to eat, a trip down the water slides, or some time just lounging in the sun.

I believe seeing the Lido Deck “in action” this afternoon is just a hint of what I’m going to see in the coming days, with 3 of the remaining 7 days of the cruise being sea days.

After a nap to recover a bit from the busy touring day, I headed to Ocean Plaza’s “patio area” to get a bit of “work” done, uploading photos to CruiseMates.

It was 5 P.M. and I was a bit taken aback, as there was a 4 piece band playing Rock & Roll (and at fairly high volume levels). Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that they were playing “heavy metal” rock music, but I felt the volumes were set too high for 5 O’clock in the afternoon.

The night’s entertainment schedule was definitely geared up for a evening prior to a sea day, anticipating, and perhaps trying to stimulate a more active night life, knowing people were going to be to sleep-in and relax for the sea day, the next day.

The Ovation Theater featured a juggler (who was pretty darn good, if you like jugglers. As it wasn’t one of Carnival’s “production” shows, he did two shows, one early, and one later in the afternoon.

There was also two shows in Punchliner’s Comedy Club; one early (family show) and one later on (Adults Only).

I enjoyed dinner in the Dining Room again tonight. Though I will say the number of choices on the dining menus has been paired considerably from the menus used just a couple of years ago.

After catching the juggling show, and spending some time in the comedy club, I did spend some time at the Blackjack table in the casino. Knowing I didn’t have to wake early for a tour, led me to a late night.

BTW… the casino staff are very much a fun and friendly crew, and we enjoyed a fun kibbutz while playing.

Returning to the cabin quite late, it didn’t take long for me to sawing logs very peacefully, knowing I wouldn’t hear a wake up call.

During the sea day tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to put together a piece from my time spent with Bob Dickinson; a man who I believe still knows the cruise industry very well.
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