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For many long time cruisers, we have seen things change so drastically with the lines themselves, and the airlines that take us to the ship. In the begiining wide eyed crusiers, read every word about what to bring and how to dress. We browsed the stores for just the right "look" for our formal nights.

We dressed to the nines, and did so gladly. Then, as years went on, the airlines started to charge for baggage,and it became harder to justify for many, the tux, the cocktail dresses,and all the ecoutremonts of dressing to the nines.

The cruise lines have diluted the formal nights, by allowing improperly dressed passengers in the dr,and by doing this, passengers who used to look with excitment about dressing, just decided it's easier to not partake, the way they used to.

I was one of those cruisers, who used to do exactly what they were supposed to do as far as dress codes. With age, comes my decision, to be well dressed, with nice dressy seperates, easy to pack, but not overly overdone. I am not willing to shlep the things I used to, and pay the airlines for baggage, that used to be at no charge.

Are we dressed appropriately, yes, and if we decide to do away with even bringing that type of clothing, we would eat in other venues, or sail with NCL exclusively. Things have changed in the cruise world, no matter how many of us don't want to admt it. I was one. I think the main complaint of many, is the fact, people who don't follow the dress code, still will flaunt the dress suggestions, and, dine in the main DR. anyway, with the, "my vaction" attitude.

These dress code threads have dwindled over the years, with more and more people coming over to the dark side

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