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I have to agree with Trip. We use to look forward to Formal night and I would shop for days looking for the right 'formal' wear that could fit into a suitcase. Then my husband would have to pack his slakes, ties, special shirts AND a tux. It was fun and exciting.

But have to pay for any extra luggage on the airlines. You put all this effort into dressing up and in the dining room are passengers in JEANS, sundresses with flip-flops. The last time we cruise we were sooooooo put out because we had lugged these extra clothes around in heavy suitcases and felt it was mostly useless. (although we were seated at the captain's table, and everyone was well dressed at every meal) Passengers just didn't dress up!

We've decided to go light weight from now on. Light weight luggage, clothes etc. If we want to go to formal night, I'll bring an easy care dressy dress (plenty of choices) and my husband will rent a tux. More than that...we're not!...Times have certainly changed. It may not be what we like or prefer, but changed they have.
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