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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
Since you obviously have a disdain for us simple people, I am glad you will not be on Celebrity ships anymore. There is class and there is class and some people just exude that they don't have any.
Well actually I was just answering TRACKYPUPS continiuous volley...she seems to always want to rebuttal my statements. But thats what this forum is all about...I will just volley it back into her court and wait for her to volley it back to me...I welcome a good volley.

You see she's trying to tell me that eventually all formal dinner's will soon be gone, so shes actually trying to stir the pot because she knows I love formal nights (read the entire thread real close and you will see what I mean).

But if she wants to believe, that I don't mind....I will cruise on Crystal and SilverSea not because I think I'm better, but because I love the real formal dinner's, higher quality of food and better service.

Is'nt The bottom line with us all is to sail with a line you think you will enjoy, and if you find that line then stick with it...

That is the basis of my attitude towards why I am sailing on the lux lines...
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