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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Couple of things, I don't think I've ever said they're going away on all lines. I said they have gone away on some lines. Regent and Seabourn have changed relatively recently unless on long voyages. I'm not sure Oceania and Azamara ever had formal nights.

Secondly, you haven't cruised in 7 years so you may want to before telling us how things haven't changed

And lastly, you've never cruised a luxury line so you really don't know how it's going to compare.
I will volley back to you and state I am cruising on Crystal cruises in December because :

I love formal dinner and Crystal offers that

I love the higher quality of food that will be offered

I will love the more attentive service

I will love the more classier ship

BTW, If I decide to sell my business (Unsure at this time) I will make up for lost time by cruising multiple times a year on Crystal and SilverSea.

P.S. What you did say was that I should'nt bury my head in the sand...I think you also said that Crystal is one of the lone holdouts...Which could be the reason why I will be cruising with them.

Speak to me in the early part of Jan and I will let you know how Crystal was and I would be more then happy to tell you how the lines compares to other lines.
Have to tend to some business...your volley...
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