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A sea day is always nice but I don't think I've appreciated one more than today.

I slept for seven whole hours, ate breakfast in the dining room and Betty laid in the sun and played on the waterslide. We had a group cocktail party before dinner and enjoyed it. I had fun playing blackjack this evening and made a bit of money but there is still plenty of time to donate back to the casino. It's late here and tomorrow is Croatia. I'm looking forward to seeing this port and what it has to offer. I do have to say that we are having a lot of fun.

I also have to say that the BBQ that is done on C-Days is very good but the lines are long so be prepared. I also had my first "naked Guy" today and it was EXCELLENT. The "naked Guy" is what I call it because I can't have the bun. As Jules said in "Pulp Fiction". "That's a tasty burger." It was even better than the ones I had on Liberty in March.

Still loving the ship and the decor. Carnival does have a winner here. It is not cramped though the supposed passenger to space ratio is low and I am about ready to watch the full moon from my aft balcony.

I'll be thinking of all of you as I lounge in the moonlight.

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