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Default Cabana

We rent a cabana whenever we go to HMC. We book it online well before the cruise, because they sell out quickly. 4 months ago it was $219 for up to 4 people. We are only 2 people but every time we go there, they make you chose for 4 people so that is what we do. You have to go to the excursion desk right after boarding and fill out a form. It has a selection of 4 types of soda (1 diet) and you chose 8 cans of soda (mix and match). You also can put your preference for a cabana on a first come first served basis. We like the one far away from everything. If you have a child, take cabin 1 or 2 by the children's water toys. 4,5,6,& 7 are great for access to the big pirate ship and music. It is quite a hike to the farther cabins and they do have a wagon to take you if you don't want to walk. It is twice the distance to follow the road than to head down to the beach and walk it down there because of how the roads weave. After you arrived they bring a big cooler with the sodas, and a big plate of veggies (that does not fit in the fridge) dips that are in small dishes and do fit in the fridge. You also get a large bag of Nachos. They have an airconditioner which works surprisingly well considering the cabana is open in the front. There are floats and snorkel equip for 4 people (the shoe sizes are on the from you fill out at the excursion desk when you board)
You meet usually in a special room on the ship, the people who have the small cabanas as well as the people who rent the one big one. You are taken together to the first tender going ashore. They also have fresh water shower, and misting fan over 2 loungers on what would be the "porch" of the cabana. We love renting these on HMC, and we have also rented the pool ones on Grand Turk that were mentioned. - They lock, have blinds and complete privacy - food is for pay only and nothing comes in the way of snacks. They also take your S&S card at Grand Turk when they give you the cabana key and return it when you return the key. They do not do this on HMC
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