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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Dress Code: we have a tendency to avoid formal nights and eat elsewhere but I've read lots of reports of a long sleeved shirt and tie will get you in and certainly a blazer. I've seen a lot of guys just in a blazer.

Sanctuary... we've only used it on the Coral and my DH really needed shade, that we had a hard time getting if not at 7:00 am but we were on a Panama Canal Cruise, on a coastal you might be ok, probably not as much call for it.

Room Service Menu, for lunch and dinner, it's not bad. You can't order off the MDR's dinner menu the way that you can on Celebrity. I think they've added the hot breakfast sandwich on to it since our last cruise which would be great!

I think a lot take the bus back down to Seattle for cheaper flights. You can also book this on Princess usually. But there are a lot of alternatives to get down there if you don't want to fly out YVR which I totally agree, it can get expensive. Our last 4 flights we've crossed the border and flown out of Bellingham.

Oh..Princess's Pizza is EXCELLENT Get one through room service one day for $'s the only room service item they charge for, totally worth it.

Are you looking at the 6 day Star cruise in May? I might be on that one
Yep...that's the one! Would be cool if you were on it too...we could plan together for the next 670 days. Yikes that's a long ways off!!!

Would be great if Princess offers the bus to Seattle! Would just make it SOOOO much easier, even if it's a little more than booking direct.

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