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Default Teachers unite!

Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
When I read posts made by a person who is a schoolteacher and said posts contain words incorrectly spelled or grammatically incorrect it totally turns me off .

This I suppose is directed at me.

You win Henry!! I will go quietly.

Take care all and thanks for the memories, and the love.

Wow, Luanne!

"This, I SUPPOSE, is directed at me"??

You are not the only schoolteacher on the board. I also followed the noble profession until retirement. Why should I not suppose it is directed at ME?

OR--perhaps both of us could suppose that it was a generic comment directed at nobody in particular but just contributing to the topic at hand?

As others have said, I too have been flamed, insulted, called a liar, and blasted on this and other boards. Having my grammar and spelling corrected is small potatoes compared to that!

Don't leave mad, just join in the fun. Now taking out my red pencil, and applying it to the quote in black you posted (I disremember who the OP of that was), as a teacher I see one actual grammatical error and three stylistic errors I would line through. It grades out about B-. Your post in red, OTOH, has no glaring errors and only two small stylistic matters I would look at. It gets an A-.

NOW you grade my posts! I am thick skinned!

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