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I am not mad, it is just a matter of how much I can take, in this part of my life.

I am not mad at Henry. He and I do not see eye to eye, and that has been going on since he joined the board. He is anti military, and has said so many times. He knows that my hubby is going on 35 years associated with the finest men and women in the world.

I am very much sad by leaving. When I joined Cruisemates, I had never posted on line before. I needed instant advice about cruising, and got it, and then some. The people here, and those who have come and gone, have become my family.

When Joe was murdered, I got on here to tell my CM friends, before I told my neighbors. That is how much CM meant to me.

Jim has kept his Christmas cards, that the CM family sent to him in Iraq.

Since I joined, he has been deployed 6 times. I could not have gotten through it without so many of you.

But, it is no secret that these last 3 1/2 years have been painful for me. Not only physically, but metally, as well.

So, I wish CM much luck, and all it's members, much happiness.

I have so many great memories of this site, and not even Henry can take those away. No hard feelings!!!

God Bless All

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