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Originally Posted by Speezy View Post
Arkcruisers and Averrette - Thank you so much for your replies. I have a question on the Lido Deck (which is where we're staying), I have heard that it is the "place where everything happens" is that true? Our suite is on the fore section close to the bridge wing. I've read reports that it's pretty quiet on that end of the ship, but how far is it from food/entertainment areas?

I will be sure to give a review of the NOLA port. Our train leaves at 1:26 a.m. Saturday and we got a superliner roomette, which means that our meals (thankfully) will be covered on the way down. We looked into flying, but it would have been a $740 round trip flight compared to the $540 for the train (roomette included).

We've done the whole driving thing, we drove 13 hours for a vacation to Universal Studios Florida a couple of years ago, and said never again. I hear the train is an interesting experience too.
My husband just did Amtrack from Memphis to Chicago (round trip). He had a room with a bath on the way up and a room with a shared bath on the way back.

He found the Amtrack trip very enjoyable. It was much less than flying since this was a very last minute trip.

He said there were a lot of folks that had just gotten off the Carnival ship in New Orleans that were getting off in Memphis and some who were coming to Memphis to get on the new "paddlewheel" that sails from here.

As for the Conquest, we have sailed that ship years ago...and are headed back to it in September. It is a good size ship.

The Promenade is where everything goes on INSIDE. Think P for PARTY....that is where the Casino, Disco, Piano Bar, Comedy Club and Cover Band lounge is. Also think of the Promenade as your boulevard that easily transports you from the front to the back of the ship.

Lido is where lots of things go on for exterior things (pool, etc) and to the back...the buffet, deli, pizza etc.

There are 2 Main Dining Rooms (forward and aft) and they usually try to assign you to one closest to your cabin for convenience.

Remember that while they do charge for soda and bottled water on the ship, you are allowed to carry on (important....carry on) a reasonable amount.

You are also allowed to carry on one bottle of wine or champagne per adult 21 or older that is no more than 750 ml per bottle.

There is can be a cork fee of $10 if you have it opened in the Main Dining Room.

There is a steam room and sauna. Men and Ladies each have both. This (as well as the gym) is included in your cruise fare.

Some folks think it costs extra because you have to walk past the Spa desk to get there. Not to worry, the lockers are also free but they will hold your Sail and Sign card until you return the key.

Hope you both have a wonderful cruise and enjoy this trip to New Orleans.

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