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Sorry my friend but I disagree. Understand I was raised in a home where only the most correct English was spoken (also, my Mother was the only person I ever met who could actually converse in Latin). Another thing for which she was famous was that she would correct your English, but only if she loved you. Had it been necessary, were the occasion to arise and I were to be speaking to the President and say something gramatically incorrect she would correct me in not a New York Minute, but a New York Hearbeat. But remember, that was my mother and such thibngsw are expected of parents.

Another example was a former Board member of our Humane Society who was a CPA by profession. When we elected him Treasurer he used to give us reports that were pages long. When I requested he give us a simple sheet we could all understand he made, with me (and others), his greatest mistake. He would say, "I dumbed it down for you." My final words to him were three initials, "AMF."

i have written over 800 newspaper columns but I go out of my way to write in the manner in which people not only best understand but appreciate. Does this make me either superior to them or lower than me? Absolutely NOt! Many make more money in a day than I ever could in a year plus, they give of that money.

And I take issue with your last statement "Crap Chute." It is most always referred to, by English literates, as a Crap Shoot. This may well serve as a perfect example of from whence I speak.

To your side, I say yes, we all should learn proper English. But we won't and probably we shouldn't because it would make life much too formal. Those who know the language intimately should use it thusly. If the rest of us need a dictionary that is our problem......if we choose to read whatever was written.
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