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Default Ladies Only 60+ Post Here

This is a STICKY message that will always be at the top - for as long as you are seeking a cruise companion leave your post up here. If you want to cancel just contact me by email ( and I will delete your post.

Single ladies 60+ years (or close to this age, it is not a set rule) - please post here with the following information:
  • When you wish to cruise
  • Where you hope to go
  • How long a cruise you want to share
  • Your ideal roommate
  • Personal details about yourself that other people should know (do you snore, etc)
  • Any other details (favorite cruise line, what you expect to spend, etc.)
There is no need to post email addresses or phone numbers. People can contact you through private messages by clicking on your username in the upper right hand corner and selecting "send a private message to [Screename]".

If there is a post here that does not belong then click on the button in the upper corner of the post called "report a post" (to the right of the word "permalink") and tell us if it contains remarks that don't belong here.

Please don't use this board for chit-chat. There are other boards for that. Only use this thread to post specifics about yourself and the cruise you want to share if you are a solo-cruising lady 60 or older.

For a fast way to find this board; look for the "seeking cruise companion" link in the "Cruise Forums" drop-down on the front page (in the navigation bar under the logo).

This is now a sticky thread and it has become quite useful. Please remember to be specific, about whom you may be replying to, when you want to cruise, and always remember this is just a first step, the next step being the telephone and then meeting in person if at all possible.
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